Kulu Ora

Kulu Ora

The Heart of Murchison

True to the Wildplaces ethos, our new properties are in hidden, out-of-the way corners of National Parks that most visitors don’t see. And as such, our exciting new Murchison Safari lodge presented some challenges. Almost impossible to get to, we had to machete our way through kilometres of bush just to access the site.  But it was worth every painful step – the site is magical, secluded and exclusive.

Kulu Ora, The Heart of Murchison, a newly zoned low-use area of around 400 square kilometres, is far away from the main part of the National Park. Untramelled and virtually unexplored, this area is vast and wild, and we are more than excited to explore it with our guests.  

Kulu Ora means ‘river’ in two different local languages. Our tented lodge is set on the shores of the Nile, just beneath a set of rapids where the Nile has been divided by a tangled jungle island…

Featuring 10 big canvas-walled rooms – 9 standard, one double family room (2 bedroom with a shared living room), with outdoor bathtubs and private plunge pools overlooking the Nile, Kulu Ora will  hit that ‘boujee’ sweet spot: blissful comfort in the bush.

While we complete construction of the lodge, we are opening Papa’s Camp, an intimate camp set apart from the site, 5 beautifully appointed tents with ensuite bathrooms and running water and a very comfortable and inviting mess tent.

Come and stay a while!

Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls National Park

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